Easily use SoundFonts :

Sound Fonts will effectively improve the sound of your KAR and MIDI files.

VirtualMIDISynth Is a MIDI synthesis software recognized as a Windows driver and accessible as a standard MIDI output device. It is, to my knowledge, the simplest system for x64 PCs.

In Windows 8, it does not seem possible to change the MIDI mapper as specified by Microsoft. But nothing prevents you from circumventing this with this software.

with Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 (x86 and x64). The software is standalone and does not make any changes to your system.

Download the version 2016: VirtualMIDISynth_1.17.1
Visit the official website: VirtualMIDISynth


For MIDI programs, choose "Run as Administrator" (right click on the program)
The installation does not pose any problem, no need to restart and at launch, the software displays this first window. The cross (or +) on the right makes it possible to fetch the banks S.F in order to list them in this same window.

In the MIDI Map tab, configure your MIDI outputs and choose "CoolSoft_VirtualMIDISynth" by default.

In the Options tab, find the output of your sound card. For mixer selection, see below.

Do not forget to apply. Thus, you now need to find the VirtualMIDISynth driver and assign it to virtually all your MIDI applications.

SoundFont banks:

Download SoundFonts Banks: Soundfonts (wait)

Know more :

Great tutorial very provided on various facilities: Arachnosoft - SoundFonts