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The Kar & Midi International File Library manages the search, filing, archiving and promotion of files KAR and MIDI. Here you will find collections sorted by country or theme. The files have been sorted, renamed, filed in their artist folder. Some errors may appear.

*The alphabetical letters above lead you to the artists, who themselves lead to the files.
*By clicking on a title, you access its details and lyrics.

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You add your titles to the basket. Free downloads are limited to 50 files by cart. Unfold "Discount Coupon" and enter coupon code : 50F then apply to make the order free.

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Find all your files under your account at "Files". To download, double-click the files. WARNING: Inactive accounts are kept for two years, then deleted and from there, impossible to recover.

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Past a total of 300 downloaded files, thank you for giving us a beer: donate.. For large downloads, think about complete collections : International

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Find by words or a part of the title with the search Karaokar :

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