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oh let the sun beat down upon my face stars to to fill my dreams I am a traveller of both time and space to be where I have been sit with elders of a gentle race this ____world has seldom __seen talk of days for which they sit and wait all will be revealed talk and songs from tongues of lilting __grace sounds carressed my __ears though not a __word I heard could ___I relate the story was quite clear oh oh oh baby I been flyin noyeah mama cares ain't no denying oh! ooh yes, I've been flying my mama ain't no denying no denying oh! all I see turns to brown as the sun burns the ground and my eyes fill with sand as I scan this wastedland tryin' to find tryin' to find where Ive been oh pilot of the storm that leaves no trace like thoughts inside a dream you've the map that led me to that place yel low desert screen my shangrila beneath the summer moon I will return again as the dust it blows high in june when moving through kashmir oh father of the four winds fill my sails cross the sea of years with no provision but an open face along the straits of fear oh oh oh! when i'm on when i'm on my way yeah when I see when I see the way you stare yeah ooh yeah, ooh yeah. when i'm down ooh yeah, ooh yeah. when i'm down so down ooh my baby ohh my baby let me take you there oh! oh! come on come on oh let me take you there let me take you there
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