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Sail on down the line
'bout a half a mile or so,

and-a don't really wanna know-a
where you're goin'.

Maybe once or twice, you see,
time after time I tried-a to,

to hold on to what we got,
but-a now you're goin'.

And I don't mind
about the things you're gonna say, Lord;
I gave all my money and my time.

I know it's a shame
but I'm givin' you back your name.

Yeah, yeah, yes, I'll be on my way;
I won't be back to stay.

I guess I'll move along.
I'm lookin' for a good time.

Sail on down the line.
Ain't it funny how the time can go on.

Friends say they told me so,
but it doesn't matter.

It was plain to see
that a small-town boy like me

just-a wasn't your cup of tea;
I was wishful thinkin'.

I gave you my heart
and I tried to make you happy,
and you gave me nothin' in return.

You know, it ain't so hard to say,
Would you please just go away!

Yeah, yeah, I've thrown away the blues.
I'm tired of bein' used.

I want-a ev'ryone to know
I'm-a lookin' for a good time, good time.

Woh, sail on, honey,
good times never felt so good.

Sail on, honey,
good times never felt so good.

Sail on, sugar,
good times never felt so good.

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