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Show me a river that's so deep,
show me a mountain so high;

I'll show you love that'll last forever,
flyin' high, so high.

Ah, show me a place where dreams of a dreamer
and all the things you wish come true, yeah.

I'd wish the world had all happy people,
then there'd be no more wishing to do.

Oh, oh, sweet love.
Oh, oh, sweet love.
Oh, oh, oh, oh oh, ooh.

Ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh, ooh,
ooh ooh, yeah, sweet love.

Sweet love that comes through the ages
reach out and touch my soul,

give my life so much meaning
and ev'ryone a heart of gold.

Oh, oh, oh, ooh.
All you need is love, sweet love,
oh, oh, sweet love.

I know you're certain,
I know you're certain.

For this love,
a little peace and understanding.

And I know it's been hard
try'n' to find your way,

but you got to keep on searchin'
harder day by day,

'cause it's love,
love the only way.

Oh, nothin' but love, sweet love.
Oh, love, sweet love.
Oh, love, sweet love.

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