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@LENGL@TDeath on Two Legs@TQueen - 1975@T@TSequenced by Toshiya Suzuki@T : Ulisses - @TMais músicas em :@T+ em Melody Track for a Hazardous Sync ! @TLyrics Quickly Re-Formated by Th. Leroy / 2009@T
You suck my blood like a leech
/You break the law and you preach
/Screw my brain till it hurts
/You've taken all my money
/And you want more
/Misguided old mule
/With your pig headed rules
/With your narrow minded cronies
/Who are fools of the first division
/Death on two legs
/You're tearing me apart
/Death on two legs
/You've never had /a heart of your own
/Kill joy /bad guy /big talking /small fry
/You're just an old barrow boy
/Have you found a new toy /to replace me?
/Can you face me?
/But now you can kiss /my ass goodbye
/Feel good /are you satisfied?
/Do you feel like /suicide?
/(I think you should)
/Is your conscience all right
/Does it plague you at night?
/Do you feel good feel good?
/You talk like a big business tycoon
/You're just a hot air balloon
/So no one gives you a damn
/You're just over angrown schoolboy
/Let me tan your hide
/A dog with disease
/You're the king of the 'sleaze'
/Put your money where your
/Mouth is Mister know-all
/Was the fin on your back
/Part of the deal? (Shark)
/Death on two legs
/You're tearing me apart
/Death on two legs
/You've never had a heart
/(You never did) of your own
/Insane /you should be put inside
/You're a sewer rat decaying
/In a cesspool of pride
/Should be made unemployed
/Then make yourself null and void
/Make me feel good
I feel good
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