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Oh you used to be my ba by.
you used to be my pride and joy.
mmm mmm mmm
You used to take me dan cin',
just like a ny o ther boy.
But know you've found an o ther part ner,
you left me like a bro ken toy.

Oh it's some one else you're ta king'
some one else you're play ing to.
Ho ney though I'm a ching,
know just what I have to do, (right).
If I can't have you when I'm wa king,
I go to sleep and dream of you.

Oh, take me, take me
take me to the Drea mers Ball.
I'll be right on time,
and I'll dress so fine.
You're gon na love me when you see me.
I won't have to wor ry.
Take me take me,
pro mise not to wake me 'til it's mor ning,
and it's all been true.

So, take me, take me,
take me, I'm your play thing now.
You make my life worth while
with the sligh test smile.
Don't de stroy me with a bare ly
per cep ta ble whis per.
Take me, take me,
re mem ber I'll be dream ing of my ba by
at the Drea mers Ball.

Oh take me, hold me,
re mem ber what you told me.
You'll meet me at the Drea mers Ball.

Oh I'll meet you at the Drea mers Ball.

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