Good Company.kar

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This song contains 3 groups of guitars with various tone settings.
There are 19 single guitar parts !
Group 1 - 1g Soft clarinet-like sound
Group 2 -2d Flanged Flute-like sound
Group 3 -3d Wah trumpet/Brass sounds
Guitar 2 is a guitar arrangement for Ukelele part
"Take good care of what you've got,"
my fa ther said to me,
as he puffed his pipe and Ba by B
he dan dled on his knee.
"Don't fool with fools who'll turn a way,
keep all good com pa ny."

Ooh hoo, Ooh hoo ooh
Take care of those you call your own and keep good com pa ny.

Soon I grew and hap py too,
my ve ry good friends and me.
We'd play all day with Sal ly J.
the girl from num ber four.
Ve ry soon I begged her,
"Won't you keep me com pa ny?"

Ooh hoo, Ooh hoo hoo.
Ooh hoo, Ooh hoo hoo.
"Come mar ry me, for e ver more we'll be good com pa ny."

Now a mar riage is an in sti tu tion, sure...
My wife and I, our needs and no thing more.
All my friends through the years,
by and by dis ap peared.
But we're safe e nough be hind our door.

I flou rished in my hum ble trade,
my re pu ta tion grew.
The work de voured my wa king ours,
but when my time was through...
re ward of all my ef forts,
my own li mi ted com pa ny.

I hard ly no ticed Sal ly as we par ted com pa ny....

All through the years, in the end, it ap pears,
there was ne ver real ly a ny one but me....

Now I'm old, I puff my pipe,
but no ones there to see.
Well, I pon der on the les son of my life's in sa ni ty.
take care of those you call your own,
and keep good com pa ny.

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