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In the morning, when the moon is out to trust.
You will see me, at the time I love the best.

Watching rainbows, play on sunlight.
Pools of water.

Ice stream cold nights, in the morning.
'tis the morning of my life.

In the daytime, I will meet you as before.
you will find me, waiting by the ocean floor,
building castles, in the shifting sands.

In a world, that noone understands.
In the morning,
'tis the morning of my life
'tis the morning of my life

In the morning of my life,
The minutes take so long to drift away.

Please be patient with your life,
It's only morning and you've still to live your day.

In the evening, I will climb to the moon,
to the topright hand corner,
of the ceiling in my room,

where we'll stay, untill the sunshines,
another day, to swing on clothes lines,

may I be yawning, 'tis the morning of my life.
'tis the morning of my life.

In the morning,
in the morning,
in the morning.

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