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@KMIDI KARAOKE FILE@LENGL@TSomebody get me a doctor@TVan Halen@TRemix et Karaoké par Pilaf (18-02-2010)@T au séquenceur original

Somebody get me a doctor
Remix & Karaoké: Pilaf

One two three four

Ooh yeah! Owow!

You better call me a doctor baby
Feel no pain~~
Down the drain~~~

Somebody get me a doc~~tor

You better call up the ambulance I'm
Deep in shock
Overloaded baby
I can hardly walk~~~~~~

(Somebody get me a do~~ctor)
(Somebody get me a do~~ctor)

Yeah! I'm feelin'
Over fine
And I'm speedin'
Down that line

Ow!! ooo! yeah!

Ya better call up a doctor
Feelin high
I'm overloaded baby
I say "Byebye!"

Somebody get me a do~~ctor
Oh, yeah!~~~
Somebody get me a do~ctor
Ooh, ooh! oooh!
Somebody get me a do~~ctor
Ah, Ah! yeah!


Somebody give me a shot!

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